The People Effect book

The People Effect: Find, Grow, And Retain The Best Of The Best

Over the years, there has been a significant shift in priorities when it comes
to the hospitality industry. With every business seeming to focus only on
profitability, hotel managers have forgotten about their biggest assets and
liabilities―their people.

Hotel operators must treat their teams like the great assets they are to the
company―not like commodities. In The People Effect: Find, Grow, and
Retain the Best of the Best, Joel Carver and Mary Weber have worked together
to bring you a “how-to” when it comes to leadership and management.

This book isn’t just for hotel teams―many businesses may benefit from
it. Joel Carver and Mary Weber seek to encourage and empower business
owners and those in leadership roles to begin dedicating the same attention
and care to their people that they have previously dedicated to brick and
mortar assets and line items on profit and loss statement sheets. If you
want to see a positive change in your business, this is the book for you.

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